Where will you take the power?
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Introducing the DX Series...

The DX Series of metal battery boxes are designed to better protect your 12 volt power source as you take it wherever you need to go. Made from light weight but highly durable aircraft grade aluminum, the DBOX DX Series are very rugged battery boxes. Whether you are in your own backyard, the lake (marine), ranch, camp site, RV, tailgating or on a job site, DBOX is a secure and sturdy means to make your 12 volt (deep cycle, group 24 or 27 batteries) power source portable.  

Choose the model that is best for you!

DX100 Metal Battery Box, Aluminum Battery Box for 12 Volt Battery    DX200 Metal Battery Box, Aluminum 12 Volt Battery Box and Portable Power Station  DX300 Metal 12V Battery Box, Aluminum Battery Box and Portable 12 Volt Power Station

The DX100 allows the most flexibility for you to add the outlets and devices you select. The DX200 has jumper connector ports and a charger inlet.
The DX300 has all of the previously mentioned features, plus, three 12 volt outlets, a dual USB port, and two auxiliary switches. 

A battery charger can be added to any model, at an additional cost.